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“WealthEdge Financial Advisory service is exceptional because it is always backed with great strategic insight. From the simplest financial accounting needs to more complex business planning, they always come up with solutions that understand the needs of the business.”

Ranjit Raina
Managing Director, RAD!CAL, Brandwidth Events Private Limited

WealthEdge is into in-depth research on various segments, companies, and business models with a global outlook.

In the fast-paced world of small and midsize business, companies are looking for comprehensive solutions that deliver accurate information to the right people at the right time. WealthEdge prepares your organization for success by helping you to answer more questions for more people throughout your entire organization.

WealthEdge gives you the information when you need it, in the format you need. By integrating data from across the enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, we spend less time responding to requests and business users spend less time looking for information. We also offer an integrated, robust and flexible presentation layer for the full breadth of our analytical capabilities, including statistics, predictive analytics, data and text mining, forecasting, and optimization – all integrated within the business context for a better and faster decision-making.

We provide every essential capability for your key functions like finance, all built on a single platform. Capabilities include integration and cleansing of all financial data, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, simulation, risk management and more. With the combined power of SaaS financial intelligence components, you can improve the accuracy of plans and budgets and understand profit drivers to grow profitability.


Improving product quality, analyzing late payments/defaults and financial reporting are key topics that drive SMBs to effectively control expenses. Traditionally, SMBs have invested in ERP solutions to manage inventory and expenses. However, ERP systems can only provide a view of where your organization has been – not where it needs to go. Implementing a business intelligence solution gives organizations the power to plan for the future by providing the data needed to better understand costs and detect trends. As a result, you can make informed decisions to satisfy your short-term and long-term goals.

Using business intelligence, SMBs that are ready to maximize revenue growth will gain greater insights into their business. Whether it’s forecasting inventory, uncovering new customer segments, analyzing call center productivity, or investing in new lines of business, there’s a solution that can increase your market share and customer retention.

WealthEdge offers an integrated set of business MIS Formats and services that can be customized to meet your existing needs and budget. We make the system just for you and not make your business to take the strain to adopt unfriendly models.


Acute Insight

We combine deep sector and regional understanding for deep insights into complex issues.

Qualified team

our Financial Advisory Services understand the complex issues surrounding your key business decisions.

Depth of Resource

In-house team of experienced investigators with access to reliable intelligence from global sources.

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