India Entry Services and Business Support

You are considering being part of the booming Indian economy, so you can take full advantage of the country’s strong economic fundamentals and the growing middle class. And then there are huge opportunities in infrastructure, healthcare and agriculture, generating vast business opportunities that you find appealing.
However, if you are concerned about protecting your investment and want to make the right business decisions to exploit the conditions to realise your full potential, get in touch with the experts at Wealthedge Financial Advisory Pvt. Ltd. to see how our excellent India Entry Services and Business Support can ensure your success.

Our India Entry Services and Business Support

We begin by understanding your ownership structure, business goals of entering the Indian market, the investment you want to commit, the level of participation you envisage from local Indian players, and the goods and services you want to deal in.
Wealthedge team understands that making optimal use of your existing contacts in India is critical to maximising your business potential. Before we provide a tailor-made solution to fit your needs, our team engages in detailed discussions with your foreign and local management to arrive at a sound strategy to make your entry into India smooth and successful.
Here are some of the key aspects of our India Entry Services and Business Support:
  • Corporate/business structure planning: Based on the information we gather during your consultation, we help you decide your baseline operations and the corporate/business structure that will work best for you.
  • Incorporation services: Our experts have the intelligence to handle the various critical aspects of incorporating your foreign company.
  • Corporate compliance: We are well equipped to handle all your corporate compliance aspects under the Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, RBI Guidelines, etc. as related to Indian Company of Foreign Investor.
  • Tax compliance: We ensure adherence to tax compliance as per the Goods & Services Tax Act, Income Tax Act, Employees Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance, and others stemming from the operations and working of your Indian Company owned by a Foreign Investor.
  • Bank account opening: There are lots of paperwork and formalities to go through for opening a bank account. We handle the entire process for you – our competence and experience keeps you away from the pain of the process.
  • Foreign Exchange advisory: The foreign investment you are bringing in may involve large amounts of foreign currency, which needs special handling. Our dedicated Foreign Exchange advisory team will handle all the related aspects for you.
  • Fund management: Foreign investments typically involve vast amounts of foreign investment where the spend may be spread over time. We have an expert team to handle the critical role of fund management for your business.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services: We have a dedicated team that handles accounting for our foreign investor clients. Our experts adopt International Accounting Standards and undertake complete bookkeeping and accounting. We arrange the information you need for reporting and present it in the required formats. This helps bridge Indian regulations compliant accounting with the data requirements of laws that apply in the country of the foreign investor.
  • Staffing assistance: Our specialised recruitment team is well equipped to handle all your staffing requirements. We have a lot of experience in helping our foreign clients fill positions ranging from peons to the CEO.
  • Office establishment: We make it easy for you to:
    • Choose an ideal location for your office
    • Negotiate the best deal for lease/purchase of your office
    • Finalise the legal documents of your lease/purchase
    • Complete all formalities needed for a smooth transaction
  • Market research: As a foreign investor, you must have access to the latest and relevant data about the potential of the Indian market. Often times, the data and research reports you get are outdated and general, which makes them useless for your current transactions. We help you with the most up to date market, economic, and financial data backed by latest and excellent research.
  • Administrative support: We help our foreign clients with general administrative support, so that they can start their operations seamlessly and hassle-free, with the best infrastructure to back them.
  • Local liaison services: As foreign investors in India, there will be times when you will need approvals from local authorities and make contacts with government agencies for various other reasons. We will facilitate these for you, so you do not have to run from pillar to post to find what you need.

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