Legal Advisory, Agreements and Litigation Management

Running a business means dealing with customers, partners and contractors on a day to day basis. And this comes with a lot of legal work, all the way from contracts to lawsuits.
Wealthedge Financial Advisory Pvt. Ltd. offers the best in class Legal Advisory, Agreements & Litigation Management Services. You may already have a provider you are not satisfied with, just beginning to look for one or seeing if you can find a better deal. Irrespective of why you are searching, get in touch with our exceptional team to see how we can help you with excellent corporate legal services.

Our Legal Advisory, Agreements & Litigation Management Services

Our dedicated legal team has a lot of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities of business and how they work in tandem with the applicable statutory provisions.
Wealthedge lives by the philosophy that the purpose of a legal agreement is not only to safeguard the interests of the involved parties but create a conducive environment where the business can flourish. We endeavour to work with a holistic view of the overall legal relationship being entered into. Our legal experts draft the agreements with terms which not only address the immediate transaction but also take a long-term view for smooth mutual cooperation.
Some of the Legal Advisory, Agreements & Litigation Management Services we provide are:
  • Drafting, vetting and negotiating legal agreements.
  • Drafting of legal notices.
  • Managing all sort of litigations on behalf of our clients.
  • Advisory on legal disputes and planning the best course of action.
  • Legal advisory on any business issues and potential disagreements.
  • Legal research and advisory on new or existing businesses of our clients.
  • Legal advisory for recovery of money.
  • Legal advisory on actions to be taken for cheque bouncing scenarios.
  • Legal advisory on all kinds of trademark and copyright infringements.
  • Legal advisory on the provisions and implementation of the applicable labour laws.
  • Legal advisory for cases under Income Tax Act and GST.
  • Legal advisory on any action for damages or contract violations.
  • Legal advisory on  sale/purchase deeds (Immovable Property)

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