Wealth Management and Investment Advisory

Wealth management is more than just investment advice, as it can encompass all parts of a person’s financial life. We ensure robust growth of your personal wealth through sound financial planning and management of those finances.
Wealthedge is a professional, fee-only investment advisory firm offering investment management, business retirement plans, tax planning & preparation, financial/investment advice, accounting, tax services, and legal/estate planning. We provide a process, not a commission sales presentation. Our company only grows when your assets grow.
The idea behind Wealthedge is not about a person, but about being a smarter investor and decision maker. A smarter investor keeps the portfolio diversified, manages assets for a maximum gain with the least amount of risk and seeks to keep cost low. A smarter way to provide tax preparation is to ask questions in search of more deductions, rather than simply processing the documents given.
In the financial world today there are two types of advice available to investors: brokerage accounts and advisory accounts. Unfortunately, most investors don’t know the difference between the two accounts. In fact, most are even not aware that a difference exists. WealthEdge is into Advisory model, which means we have a fiduciary duty to act in your client’s best interest.
Our Wealth Management Services is to keep the cost of investing low, maintain a diversified portfolio and always invest for the long term. Your financial future is too important to be put in the hands of just anyone. You owe it to yourself to speak with certified professionals who can tap into your current financial needs.
Financial Planning, unlike many things, is actually exactly what it sounds like. It is simply planning to have available the amount of funds needed at the right time to accomplish an individual’s financial goal. We offer comprehensive financial planning to assist you in creating a “blueprint” to reach your goals.
We do three things to develop your financial plan. Firstly, we do an analysis of where you are now. Secondly, we ask you what your objectives are. Finally, we develop a strategy about how to best achieve those goals.
Generally, financial planning objectives include, but are not limited to the following:
Following the completion of a financial plan, you have two options. You can either engage us to implement and monitor your plan or you can use our advice as a springboard for “doing it yourself”.
Always remembers that professional designations are the result of as well as an indication of the level of knowledge and experience gained in fields related to our business. This helps us to truly assure you that the best options to achieve success with your financial goals are being undertaken.

Five Steps to Wealth Management

Before exploring investment strategies and planning, it is important to first gain an understanding of yourself and your needs. Basis this, your investment goals can be structured and the appropriate services can be employed to gather growth opportunities for your wealth.

Understanding Investment Needs

The following aspects will help you understand your investment needs better:

Transaction Services

Select investment avenues and arrange for transactions with knowledge of:

Asset Advisory Services

You can further opt for a structured service that steps in as your advisor.

Estate Planning Services

Fortifying your wealth over generations is carried out through Estate Planning.
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